Who we are?

Welcome to the website of Conflict Resolution Centre. We are the first centre of its kind to serve the local and international community of Hong Kong to enhance harmony and resolution of conflicts. Besides promoting mediation, we also organize training on conflict resolution for the public and professional as well as providing mediation service in various kinds of disputes. Should you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Definition of mediation

A voluntary and non-adversarial process whereby a neutral third party (mediator) facilitates the parties to negotiate and resolve the dispute, such as building management, family matters, neighbourhood (water leakage, nuisance) landlord /tenant.

Advantages of mediation

  1. Private and confidential
  2. Helps to maintain relationship
  3. Full control of outcome by parties
  4. Able to deal with multi-party disputes
  5. Cheaper and faster and costs are more controllable

The mediators

CRC has about 100 certified mediators from different professions such as legal, construction, accounting and planning sectors, etc. After receiving the application, CRC will study the nature of the case and assign mediators suitable for the case.

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