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Benefits of becoming a member of CRC

  1. Practice session of role play:
    • We shall organise on a regular basis practice sessions of role play exercise for members:
      • with some training – to practice their skills; to share how they have used the skills in their daily lives.
      • without training -to know more about mediation; to be the observers or role players in the practice session.
      • with 40 hours training of an accredited mediation course – to prepare for assessment programmes for accreditation of mediators organised by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), Law Society of Hong Kong (HKLS) and/or CRC as well as other organizations.
  2. Observers or supervision programme:
    • We give opportunity to students of our centre to observe live cases.
      • We give mentorship to students who are accredited mediator of HKIAC, HKLS and/or our centre to become experienced mediators by supervising them in handling live cases.
    • We give referrals to our members who are accredited mediators to handle mediation cases as mediators or as advocates for the clients.
  3. Become an accredited mediator of our centre:
    • To become an accredited mediator of our centre, the following requirement in (i) and either (ii) or (iii) must be satisfied and upon formal approval in writing by our centre on a case to case basis:
    • You must first become a certified trained mediator that have completed at least 40 hours of training accredited by HKIAC, HKLS and/or approved by CRC.
      1. As a certified trained mediator under (i), you must have gone through two satisfactory simulated role-play assessments organized by HKIAC, HKLS and/or other organizations approved by CRC.
    • You must be a certified trained mediator under (i) and have gone through at least three satisfactory simulated role-plays assessed by three different assessors approved by CRC. Alternatively, all or some of these 3 cases may be live cases of which at least one has to be co-mediated with or observed by an assessor approved by CRC.
    • You may become an accredited mediator of CRC by invitation or by formal application which is approved by CRC in writing. As a member of CRC, you may forward your application in writing providing details of satisfaction of the requirements as set out above in (i) and either (ii) or (iii). CRC reserves the right to change or impose additional requirement from time to time and on a case to case basis to ensure the standard of the accredited mediators are comparable to the international standard according to the update global practice and research on mediation.
    • The panel of accredited mediators will be subject to review on a yearly basis and requirements for staying on the panel may be imposed on a case to case basis to ensure the standard of the skills of the accredited mediators is maintained.
  4. To take part in future training as coach or co-trainer:
    • Members will be given the opportunity to act as coaches, co-trainers of mediation courses and/or speakers on mediation and related topics depending on their ability.
  5. To receive update news and training programmes on mediation:
    • As the mediation courses organised by CRC tend to fill up very quickly (sometimes within the first few hours of posting on the website), our members will get the benefit of receiving the news on the latest training programmes by e-mail before posting on the website.
    • You will also be informed of the dates of practice sessions and assessment programmes by e-mail before posting on the website.
  6. To register as a CRC member:
    • If you have registered as a member of CRC previously, please provide us (by e-mail) with the following information in order to update our record:
      • Name:
      • phone and e-mail address:
      • postal address:
      • time and level of previous mediation training:
      • qualification and occupation:
      • area of experience and/or interest:
      • available period for future practice session for role plays or live cases:

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